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Oh my goodness we finally got it together and created the first ever issue of

Without further ado we'd like you to meet our artists...

Paul Layzell 


Amy Brown 


Robin Bushell 

Dan Britt

George Gendi

Matt Layzell

Julia Pott

Jerome Miller

Will Crook

Danny Boyle


Welcome to Unaired Pilots

So, before we grandly release ISSUE 01 with trumpets, confetti and such, we thought we'd just say hi and introduce ourselves. We're a bunch of illustrators and animators based in London who do drawings and paintings, and since we know a bunch more illustrators and animators who also do drawings and paintings, and they have a friend who's sister know this guy who also does drawings and paintings, it seemed like a stupid idea not to make a newspaper of all these drawings and paintings which are just knocking about waiting to go into a newspaper.

The paper will be distributed for free around special, top secret London locations of our choosing, but if you'd like you can also buy it for real cheap directly via our Etsy store. For those more discerning aesthetes who find that tacking up newspaper pages on the dining room wall simply isn't good enough, we also sell each of the images as beautiful, full colour, high resolution, all singing all dancing A3 prints on archival paper, delivered to anywhere in the world by jolly fresh faced postmen.

We hope that you enjoy.